2016 Goals Series

These next few posts, I will be sharing a few ideas for 2016 goals such as starting a blog, making a reading list, planning discipleship meetings, and personal budgets. I believe that goals are important. Goals and discipline with the purpose and aim of Godliness are of great value (1 Timothy 4:7).

Technology has been a great tool and means of blessing for me in the recent years. I have listened to sermons, downloaded great christian music, re-connected with friends, heard of prayer needs, and shared in others’ blessings via the internet. This is why I started a blog. I have not always been consistent in posting due to ministry, work, and family. I have also wrestled with insecurity when it comes to writing on certain topics due to my youth. However, it has always been a great way for me to share my struggles and to work out my thoughts. I have grown much through hearing and reading other pastors’ lessons and struggles, and I pray that other church leaders can perhaps benefit from mine.

Reason One- To Share What God Is Teaching Us

I love to study the Bible and read Christian literature. God has also given me the privilege to study and preach the Bible in a local church as a profession. When I have to organize my ideas and develop creative ways in sharing the things God is teaching me, the truths are further engraved on my mind and heart. I have also found great books to read through the recommendations from other blogs. Share some scripture passages that God has used to equip and encourage you. Recommend some great books to others who are looking to grow in their faith and pastoral skills.

Reason Two- To Share Prayer Needs

Sharing scripture and prayer requests with one another is a great way to connect with fellow believers and show the love of Christ to the world. Blogs and social media can be a tool in knowing how to pray for one another’s ministries and needs. We must exercise caution in the types of requests we post publicly,though. Some things need to be kept on our personal prayer lists.

Reason Three- To Share Ministry Updates

Many of you reading this probably serve in some way in your local church. Prayer is powerful. God delights to hear His children offer prayers for His Church, for His people, and for the salvation of sinners. By sharing ministry projects and needs we can invite the prayers of believers we have not even met. We can also be encouraged by hearing testimonies of God’s working in other ministries.

Closing Thoughts: 

If you have thought about starting a blog, begin with the goal of posting one thought or ministry update a week and inviting your close friends to read and subscribe. If you are a pastor, invite your church congregation to read it. This can be a great way to let your congregation see your heart and what God is teaching you personally. I want to encourage all of us to strive to use our blogs and social media platforms as means of encouraging and equipping. There are far too many Christian gossip forums and theological soap-box blogs out there calling out the errors of every other ministry’s ways. Be firm in your convictions and don’t be ashamed of your theology, but recognize that all of us will have blind spots until the day when we see Jesus face to face. May we encourage one another until He comes.

For His glory, Mike

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