Thereforesince Christ suffered in the fleshequip yourselves alsowith the same resolve  — because the one who suffered in the flesh has finished with sin —1 Peter 4:1

I recently had to take a skills test for my CDL Passenger endorsement. As I was studying for countless hours through the CDL handbook, I could not help but notice how much of the training was bent on arming drivers with the right kind of attitude and thinking. No-one can memorize every single section in the book, but in order to pass the test you have to demonstrate a knowledge of the road and its obstacles and that you are thinking in a safe and proactive way.

The Lord brought 1 Peter 4:1 to my mind. Peter reminds us to think and live with a certain resolve. If we anticipate and even seek to suffer and live as Christ did we will not be blindsided and we will be able to avoid potentially fatal accidents. I could not help but think that if I could learn and retain certain rules and adopt a manner of thinking in such a short amount of focused time, how much more ready would I be to live for God’s glory in a sinful world if gave myself to focused intense study of His word?

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