More Than A Homemaker?

There is much confusion in the world and in the church today about the role and identity of women. Many times in the church we place the emphasis on the role of the woman solely and that becomes her identity. Wendy Alsup remind us, however, that every single individual must first and foremost find their identity in Jesus Christ. Our identity in Christ defines our roles as men and women.

The sub-title of the book, Seeking Clarity Through A Jesus-Centered Understanding Of Scripture, is accurate, and Wendy delivers on what was promised. The beginning chapters of the book make up a short class on proper Biblical interpretation. Wendy shows the reader how the entire Bible points to Christ. The Bible is not a collection of unrelated abstract historical accounts and moral codes, but a developing drama of God’s redemptive plan.

Difficult Questions

Wendy biblically answers difficult questions such as:

  • Why do the scriptures command and require a rapist to marry His victim?
  • Are women allowed to speak in church at all?
  • Why does the Bible command women to wear a head covering in church?

Law vs. Grace

Wendy also shares about her personal journey in grace from unbiblical teaching in a “legalistic” church to discovering the true gospel and the freedom it provides. She describes the proper biblical tension between law and grace. She warns us that we cannot respond to unbiblical, legalistic teaching by ignoring the commands that God has clearly given to women in the Word of God. Her experience as a born-again woman of God as well as her experience and understanding of various teachings within the church today make her an easy and sympathetic voice for women to listen to. This book is much needed in a day of so much gender confusion. A proper Jesus-Centered understanding of Scripture brings clarity and confidence to the church.

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Note: I received this book as a free review copy from the publisher.

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