John MacArthur owes no allegiance to any creed or theological system. Although He finds value in studying outside sources, the approach to theology in His recent book along with Richard Mayhue is refreshingly biblical. Mayhue and MacArthur believe that the Bible teaches a system of doctrine but they also defend the truth that our theological systems must always be vetted against Scripture. Although most theological systems claim to be biblical, I have found the book Biblical Doctrine to be the most accurate to its title.

The reader cannot overestimate the powerful companionship and scholarship of Richard Mayhue’s and John MacArthur’s ministry. This dynamic duo along with others from the Master’s Seminary have blessed the church time and time again with their teaching and preaching resources. This book is the culmination of years of faithful ministry and is the theological volume that I have been longing to have on my shelf for many years. It is academically thorough but devotionally accessible for the lay reader. I believe theology should always be done in that manner. Truth must always lead to living, and preaching must always lead to praise.

Because of their sole allegiance to scripture, MacArthur and Mayhue teach eschatological positions found among Dispensational theologians but from the approach and with the language of covenant theologians. This is why I found the volume so refreshing. Covenant theology tends to overlook many of the promises to Israel, and Dispensational theologians, when not careful, make Israel the center point of the Bible. MacArthur and Mayhue show how Christ is the center of theology and that in Him all of the promises of God find their “yes” (2 Corinthians 1:20). This includes both the promises to Israel and to the Church.

Biblical Doctrine also answers questions that a student actually has when reading the Bible rather than simply trying to defend a particular theological position, making this volume thoroughly pastoral.

Some theologies are heretical, some are valuable and helpful, but Biblical Doctrine is truly a system that seeks to be faithful and subservient to Scripture.

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