If you have been in pastoral ministry any length of time, you know the awkwardness that can come about when working with other churches. You gather with a group of pastors for fellowship and prayer. Your time is sweet. As you pray together, the Lord lays a burden on your heart for your city. You all then decide to start a program to help address a specific need in your community. Then the awkwardness begins. Who will be in charge? How will the bills get paid? How will my elder team and denomination handle the idea of working together with the PRESBYTERIANS AND THE BAPTISTS? Churches Partnering Together is a refreshingly practical and exegetically faithful attempt to address the opportunities and the challenges that come when we work together with other churches. Writing from a strong theological conviction of the centrality of the Local Church, pastors Chris Bruno and Matt Dirks call local churches to be the main vehicle in addressing local and global needs. Chris and Matt call us to partner together without being carelessly ecumenical or fearfully separatistic. As one who has is passionate about God primarily accomplishing His purpose through the local church as well as concerned about protecting doctrinal purity, I found this book one of the most gospel-centered, biblically faithful books on the issue of partnering together for the sake of the Gospel.


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