Theology and Doxology Meet In This Book

A.W.  Tozer is known for his deep yet devotional literature. I recently read through this gem, which is really a collection of gems from Tozer’s treasury of writings. The book is subtitled, “The Life And Ministry of God The Son- Collected Insights From A.W. Tozer.” The book chapters are laid out in excellent outline form. The table of contents reads like a theology outline on the doctrine of Christ beginning with Chapter 1 entitled, “The Self-Existent God” and ending with the last chapter named, “The Head of New Creation”.

I came away from this read  in awe of Christ, challenged to trust Him more, and drawn to deeper worship of Christ, my Savior. Tozer’s writings always do that for me. Moody Publishers did an excellent job of bringing all of these great writings together in outline form. Every reader will have a greater understanding of theology (doctrine) but also drawn into a deeper doxology (worship) of Christ, our King. If you have not yet read any of Tozer’s works, this book is a great place to start.

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