Leadership Mosaic

The first word that comes to my mind about this book is, “Wow!” Next to Paul David Tripp’s book, “Dangerous Calling”, no book has challenged me, comforted me, and convicted me more about leading others on mission than Daniel’s and Jared’s book, “Leadership Mosaic.” Leadership books can be big on vision, but lack on practicality. Others can be heavy on application with little talk about vision and philosophy. This book challenges leaders to dream and to trust God for the future but admonishes us to remain faithful to the tasks currently in front of us. The authors remind us that faithfulness and conviction now leads to creativity and opportunity in the future. Daniel and Jared remind us that great leaders live in light of and in communion with the triune God. The book lays out five competencies that are essential in biblical leadership: Conviction, Creativity, Courage, Collaboration, and Contemplation.

As a classical educator, I found the first section of the book very refreshing. One of the mistakes that we as leaders make is to only focus on the subject of leadership, but by doing this we fail to observe the people we’re leading, the world we’re leading in, and where we are called to lead people to. The authors call us to enjoy God and to enjoy His creation along the path of leadership.The authors draw from a rich well of literature written by believers and unbelievers alike. They remind us that God has created all things for His glory and that he displays his common grace in all fields of study.

If you are looking for a book that is not overly practical or overly philosophical on the subject of biblical leadership, you definitely will enjoy this book. You will be challenged to strengthen your conviction, to expand your creativity, to step out in courage, to joyfully collaborate with others, and to contemplate what God is doing in you and through you all for His glory and the sake of the redemptive mission He is accomplishing through His people.

Note: I received this book as a review copy from Crossway.

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