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I just recently finished “Revitalize” written by Andrew M. Davis, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Durham, NC. In the book Pastor Davis walks the reader through the practical steps of bringing new life to a dying church as well as the posture of the heart that the pastor must have before the Lord in order to lead a church to health again.

Christ Is Still Revitalizing His Church

Beginning with Christ’s address to the seven churches in Revelation, the first two chapters of the book lay out a biblical vision for church revitalization. Who would want to pastor a theologically errant, visionless church that is sometimes led by unregenerate leadership? Pastor Davis reminds us that if a church repents, the candle light of Christ’s glory and faithful Christian witness can shine again. Christ died for His Church and Christ is still not finished with His church.

What Steps Should I Take To Revitalize A Church?

The rest of the chapters go on to lay out biblical steps to revitalizing a church. They are not profound and difficult which makes it a great read for all pastors. The steps are simply biblical truths that many times are taken for granted which leads to a dying church. He calls pastors and church leaders to return to these biblical foundations and to stand with Christ.

Where this book really makes a mark is how Pastor Davis gives personal testimony to how He and his fellow leaders implemented and led the revitalization at FBC Durham. How long will a pastor realistically wait before seeing changes in the congregation? What battles should be fought first and how should they be fought?

In the final chapter, Pastor Davis calls us to look forward to the day in heaven when Christ’s church will be finally and perfectly revitalized and made new. This truth encourages us to keep going in our personal and corporate revitalization knowing that Christ will present a spotless bride to the father on that day.

This must read is a biblically sound, gospel-centered book that pastors of healthy and unhealthy churches should come back to regularly.

Note: I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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