Counter Culture by David Platt

Tough Issues?

Christians are confronted with heated topics on a daily basis. Abortion, poverty, homosexuality, and racism are just a few. These issues come up in the workplace, at school, and on social media. How should we respond? Should we respond? The Scriptures are not silent on these issues because, as David Platt argues, they are God issues.

From the Cover Sleeve:

“But what if the main issue is not poverty or homosexuality or abortion? What if the main issue is God? What if the same God who moves us to war against sex trafficking also moves us to war against sexual immorality? What if the same gospel that compels us to combat poverty also compels us to defend marriage? What if all of these cultural hot-button issues are connected to our understanding of who God is and how he relates to everything around us?”


The message of the gospel and the truth of scripture is not hard to understand, but it is hard to accept (John 6:60-65). I have been amazed and quite honestly was not prepared for some of the questions and issues especially regarding sexuality that have been asked in my first five years of full-time ministry. Counter Culture by David Platt has helped me think clearly and biblically on these important topics and has encouraged me on to stand humbly on the truth of God’s word. God has the first and last word. LifeWay has also produced a youth bible study series that goes along with the book. We will be using it for our local church youth studies in the coming months. I believe Counter Culture will give you scriptural tools to help you point others to God and His word in these vital conversations.

Counter Culture by David Platt

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