Four Magazines Youth Pastors Must Read

As a youth pastor in 2016, it is very difficult to keep up with many of the current topics and issues that pertain to youth today. It can be even more difficult to find resources that address these topics biblically and theologically. I am always on the look out for theologically accurate yet culturally relevant resources from which to pull in order to give the students in our church biblical answers to the issues that they face. I have also included a resource that I believe is not very accurate biblically, but which I believe is a must read due to the fact that it represents the thinking of the Christian young people under our care and is the magazine and blog which they are reading.

1. Modern Reformation

Packed full of theology and cultural relevance, this resource is a great investment of time which is a rare commodity for busy youth pastors. If you don’t read anything else, read this magazine.

2. Credomag

This magazine is free and has really kept me inspired and stirred up about expository preaching and biblically faithful ministry. Let’s face it. . . the gimmicks, advertising and growth tricks are always fighting for our attention and we can feel like ineffective servants because we’re not keeping up with the latest trends or because our budgets are not very big or our attendance is not as great as the church down the street. As youth pastors, we must stay fired up about the simplicity of preaching through texts and “ordinary” discipleship. The most current issues have been: “Preach the Word: Preachers Who Changed The World”, “The Prince of Puritans: John Owen”, and “Let The Children Come To Jesus”.

3. Salvo

I thought that thinking biblically about sex and cultural issues was hard when I was young, but I have been blown away by the number of parents sharing with me the gender confusion and sexual identity questions that have been raised by their children. Our kids are being attacked younger and younger and the ramifications on our society are staggering and overwhelming. Salvo writes articles on sex, society, and science. Article contributions are from very qualified servants of Christ and really help bring clarity to these complexities. The magazine really helps us understand where these evil ideas are coming from and how to the demolish strongholds that Satan and the world are trying to build.

4. Relevant

Relevant Magazine is an intersection of all of the ideas floating around in Evangelicalism today. Some of the stuff is “ok” and some of it quite frankly, concerns me. It is probably the most popular among young evangelicals today. As youth pastors and ministers we must be aware of the doctrines that are being espoused by major media streams and popular ministries. Concerning the topics that are brought up in magazines such as Relevant we must teach our students that not everything in a Christian periodical is biblical. We must teach them to be discerning and to run everything through the grid of scripture (Philippians 1:9-11).

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