Some reading this aritcle may be currently serving as an Assistant Pastor, Youth Pastor, or Executive Pastor. Many books are written for and by Senior Pastors. These books are helpful, but reading “The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement For The First Years Of Ministry” was very refreshing and insightful. Jason is himself an associate pastor and writes to give us young guys in ministry some things to focus on as well as some things not to get hung up on. He writes about how to decide on your first place of ministry, responding well when people will not walk in truth, focusing on Scripture instead of theological hobby horses, and many other topics broken up into 48 short chapters.  He divides the book chapters into the following Parts:

1. The Beginning

2. Starting Out Strong

3. Encouragements

4. Pitfalls of Young Pastors

5. Joys of Ministry

For ministers, young and old, novice and veteran, this book is practical, bilical, and devotional.

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