Disciple Making has to be intentional or it simply won’t happen. One of my mentors from Bible College shared some wisdom with our class ┬áthat he received from his mentor. His advice was, “Never do anything alone. Always take someone with you.” My teacher reminded us that we must be intentional in disciple making. There are many things that fight for our time. “The tyranny of the urgent” the saying goes. The good news is that we don’t have to quit our jobs and meet with people for Bible Study all-day in order to make disciples. All of us have those mundane moments that can be turned into missional moments with just a little bit of fore-planning. Setting aside specific times and meals for discipleship is an important discipline, but it does not have to be the only discipline. Here are a few suggestions for intentional disciple making.

Make Disciples Through Meals

All of us have to eat, and many are required to take a lunch break by their employer. Invite a younger believer out to lunch with you even if its just to get to know them more. This will build trust and relationship which is essential to disciple making. Simply break the ice. Start with making a list of 5 people that you are going to have lunch with this year and then schedule your first meeting.

Make Disciples When Running Errands

If you have a day of long shopping or long hours in the car, ask the Lord to lay someone on your heart to take with you. Those frustrating long lines and traffic jams can be redeemed for disciple making instead of times to repent of our bad attitude.

Make Disciples Through Prayer

Make a list of your family, friends, and church members. Pray through this list regularly. Perhaps divide your list up into thirty days so that you’re praying over everyone at least once a month. Pick a few people from the day to text or call to let them know that you prayed for them. Ask if you can pray with them about anything specifically. This can lead into some great conversations and opportunities to share the truth of God’s word.


Disciple Making is possible. It simply requires thinking ahead.

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