Cross-cultural ministry is trendy, fashionable, and is slowly becoming the norm in modern missions movements, but this has not always been the case. Hudson Taylor was burdened by God to reach the interior parts of China by taking the gospel to them and by living among them not as a British missionary but as one of them. Missions in Hudson’s days were primarily centered in the major port cities of foreign countries where things were a little more manageable and safe. Missions models were also very heavily top down in structure. Hudson Taylor made many of his supervisors nervous and uncomfortable due to his insistence in taking the gospel to the unknown interior parts of China. Hudson knew the risks, but He counted the cost worthy. He also dressed and lived like the nationals so that He could understand the culture as well as relate to the people more effectively. The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor however was not his missional methods and pioneering spirit. It was his vibrant joyful, prayerful walk with God. Hudson Taylor was not trying to make a statement through his ministry methods. He was not trying to make a name for himself. He was simply trying to walk in faithful, joyful obedience to His master. Written by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, the son and daughter-in-law of Hudson Taylor, this book will encourage you in all walks of your life. You will find encouragement and instruction from the way Hudson Taylor learned to trust God in his everyday life before even leaving for the field. You will see the comfort of God that sustained Hudson through dangerous and difficult times on the field. For anyone who loves foreign missions and especially those who desire to trust God more will be strengthened through the testimony of our spiritual forefather, Hudson Taylor.

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