I just recently finish reading the book “Preaching” by Tim Keller. My heart was stirred and my mind was stimulated. Keller always does a great job providing historical background, insight into current issues, and biblical wisdom to almost any topic he writes on. In “Preaching” he shares Biblical guidelines on how to think about and approach your sermon so that it is God-glorifying, Christ-centered, and culturally relevant. In what I believe was the most important chapter (chapter 7), He writes on the character of the preacher. He writes on page 196,

“A Christian minister has three basic roles or functions- preaching, pastoring/counseling, and leading. No one is equally gifted in all three areas, and yet we must do them all. The greatest factor in the long-term effectiveness of a Christian minister is how (or whether) the gift-deficient areas in his skill set are mitigated by the strong grace operations in his character. The leadership literature advises us to know our weaknesses, our gift-deficient areas. It usually tells us to surround ourselves with a team of people with complementary gifts, and that is certainly wise if you can do it. But even if you can, that is not sufficient, for your gift-deficient areas will undermine you unless there is compensatory godliness.”

In the appendix Keller includes a practical manual and method on studying for and preparing expository messages. Preaching was a fairly short read packed with very helpful wisdom.

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