Psa 107:2- Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he has redeemed from trouble

Stories touch hearts, change lives, and inspire others to action. The Psalms are filled with personal accounts of God’s people going through trials, experiencing victory, and praising God. All who are saved by God’s grace have a story to tell. My prayer is that all who have been redeemed, rescued, and restored would rejoice with the Psalmist in praise to our Great God. For those who do not have a story my desire¬†and prayer is that you would find whatever it is that you need from God, particularly salvation from sin and hell, and join the great story of God’s redemption. Over the next few weeks we will be examining God’s salvation in Psalm 107. Below you will find a summary of the Psalm.

The Wandering and Hungry Find a Home (Verses 1-7)

The Prisoners and Distressed Find Deliverance (Verses 9-22)

The Lost and Endangered Find a Haven (Verses 23-32)

The Proud and Arrogant Find Their Rightful Place (Verses 33-43)

The Needy Find Their God (Verses 33-43)

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