How To Reason With Unbelievers – Know Your Audience

1. The Jews

Paul himself was a Jew and loved his people. He longed to see them recognize and trust the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. With the Jews he was able to reason from a common foundation of the Old Testament Scriptures. Some of you have friends and family that are Jewish. We must do our best to show them how Jesus is the promised Messiah from the Old Testament Scriptures and pray that The Holy Spirit would open their eyes as he did on the Emmaus road when Jesus “interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself” (Luke 24:27).

2. The Devout Persons

The devout persons were the Gentiles who had a knowledge and fear of God, but who did not follow Jesus. In our society we are surrounded by religious people who follow false cults and religions such as Islam and Mormonism. They have a fear of God but do not know the true God. We must humbly and graciously point them to the true God as revealed in the scriptures. (See Acts 17:22-34).

3.  Those Who Happened to Be There

Who just happens to be around you at your work place? Who is the cashier that you just happen to come across frequently? Some of our greatest evangelistic work is doing the work of planting gospel seeds, watering gospel seeds, and occasionally seeing people born again as we go about our simple every day life. When we go out to the store it is not simply to get milk, but to spread the gospel. Many times we don’t know the background or beliefs of the people we rub shoulders with, but the Gospel is the Power of God Unto Salvation (Romans 1:16) so let’s share it and trust God to do his work. I believe that we will meet people in heaven who received a tract or word from us that played a part in them coming to Christ.

Let us know the scriptures and know our audience as God uses us to point others to Jesus Who alone can save sinners.

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