About a year ago, I read a great book by O. Palmer Robertson entitled, “The Christ of The Prophets.” Writing from a reformed perspective, Robertson spends much of the book highlighting and expounding on God’s Plan of Redemption as revealed and foretold in the Old Testament prophets. His insight and exposition of the prophecies and metaphors pointing to Christ was very helpful for me in seeing how the gospel has been God’s plan from the beginning and how God is sovereign over all of creation and over all nations to ensure that His redemption plan is fulfilled. We have the hope even now that the final redemption will be accomplished. When we see the world around us decaying and collapsing we can rest assured that our redemption draws nigh! I personally have more of a dispensational view of the ends times, but the emphasis on the plan of redemption in Robertson’s book makes it a valuable read to christians and students from all conservative Bible believing traditions. In the chapter dealing with the Book of Daniel, Robertson points out the significance of Israel’s exile to modern day believers particularly as it refers to the Lord’s discipline of His people.

“It is a lesson to be learned in every generation. ‘Whom the Lord loves, he chastens’ (Heb. 12:6*). These chastening actions of the Lord against his own people may be severe at times. At the same time, It must be remembered that the worst of chastening judgments in this life are always less than the punishment that every sin deserves. Only by this acknowledgement will God’s chastening judgements lead to true repentance rather than to resentful rebellion.”

— p. 278 “The Christ of The Prophets

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