Old Truth Presented In A Fresh Way

The doctrine of salvation and the doctrine of the church are fundamental to Christian belief. However, no two doctrines have been attacked more than these. Throughout church history, theologians, pastors, and Bible teachers have needed to clarify, restate, and reform these doctrines from error in order to maintain faithfulness to God’s Word. With each generation comes new challenges to these foundational truths which calls for pastors and teachers to clarify once again the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Heart of The Church is part one in a series on the local church by Joe Thorn, Lead pastor of Redeemer Fellowship in Saint Charles, Illinois. In The Heart of The Church, Pastor Thorn lays down a solid foundation for the rest of the series by teaching and explaining the doctrine of Salvation. Joe teaches the reader how salvation by Christ alone,  by grace alone, and through faith alone unites us together as the Church of Jesus Christ.

The gospel truly is the heart of the church, and Joe Thorn presents the truth of scripture in a fresh way for a new generation. Pastor Thorn presents these truth in three sections: The History of the Gospel, The Doctrine of The Gospel, and The God of the Gospel. The book is short but not at the expense of adequate explanation of biblical truth. This book is great for new believers, discipleship, and new church member classes.

May we continue to fight for the Heart of The Church, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and may we continue to present the same old biblical truths in fresh understandable ways to each generation.

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