The Meaning of Discipleship

I have a copy of the New American Standard Bible translation which labels the section that we are about to discuss, Matthew 10:24-39, with this description, “The Meaning of Discipleship.”1.

I love how they have labeled this section. They did not label it as the Cost of Discipleship. They labeled it the Meaning Of Disciplship. Two of my other Bibles describing some of these verses labeled it, “Persecutions are Coming” and “Persecutions Predicted.” I love this because in America we tend to assign meaning to cost rather cost to meaning. We look at something and ask what the cost is and if it’s too much we turn away. We are always looking at the bottom line. In fact,many never find true meaning because we are never willing to pay a cost. Jesus told His disciples what to expect when he sent them out, but He told them that they must not be surprised at this because they are simply living in identification with Him (vv. 24-25). When we truly understand what Christ has given to us, we will not come to the end and say, “wow, look at all that I gave up for Jesus.” We will say, “We are unworthy servants,we have only done our duty.”

As Christians, we do not pay a price for our salvation. We do not suffer in order to gain eternal life. We do however share in Christ’s sufferings as we bring salvation to the world. How do we come to the place that when we are persecuted and rejected we go out as the disciples did rejoicing because God has counted us worthy to suffer for His name?

Let’s see how Christ instructed His disciples to do so.

1. Recognize That You Are Not Greater Than Our Master (vv 24-25)
2. Obey in Faith Not Fearing Opposition (v 26-28)
3. Obey in Faith Knowing Your Father Sees You (vv 29-31)
4. Confess His Name Before The World Knowing He Will Confess Us Before The Father (v 32)
5. Recognize The War That We Are In (vv 34-37)
6. Lose Your Life Knowing That This Is The Way To Finding It (v 39)



1.My Bible was published by Foundation Publications, Inc. Anaheim, California, 92816.

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