Three Youth Ministry Websites That You Must Have Bookmarked

The next few weeks I will be sharing some websites that have been a great help to me in my role at Liberty Baptist Church. Many of us wear multiple hats in our churches, and we can always use tools that help make our jobs more efficient. Today I’d like to share three youth ministry websites that really help make administration and planning easier.

Youth Ministry Architects (Now Called Ministry Architects)

One of the first books recommended me to me in my first year of ministry was Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark Devries. In this book, Mark helps you lay out a clear vision and a sustainable structure that will serve your ministry well for the long term. We tend to build programs and ministries around our style and strengths, only to leave it unstable if God calls us to hand the ministry to another leader or calls us to serve in a different capacity. Mark gives you a guidebook in building a ministry that is set up to serve the church for years to come. The Ministry Architects websites has checklists, templates, tools, articles, and more. This book is priceless for the help that it provided me in my first year.

If your primary gift is teaching like mine, let’s face it. . . we struggle with activities and games. Youthmin provides great game resources, graphics, calendars and more. It is a great treasury of ideas and resources from youth ministers around the country.

Rooted Ministry

Rooted provides great encouragement through blog articles, podcasts,and conferences. It is a connecting point for many bible-teaching, gospel-centered youth pastors.


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