All throughout history, parents and leaders have thought long and hard about how to raise the next generation. We have the tendency to think that we have been tasked with the hardest generation of kids to teach and raise, but it is a great comfort to read voices from the past and discover that they too had the same burdens and prayed the same prayers for their children. It is encouraging to know that the issues we face today may come through different mediums but they are not new issues. We can take even greater joy knowing that the solutions do not have to be new either. The answers are found in God’s unchanging Word. Below I have listed three older books based on Scripture that I believe have great helps for us in raising kids today. The first is written directly to young men. The second is an example of spiritual and personal discipline. The third is from a former doctor who was called by God to preach. Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones gives biblical truth and practical helps concerning Spiritual Depression which is a very real struggle in many Christian teenager’s lives as well as in those of us who are trying to model a joyful Christian walk before them.


  1. Thoughts For Young Men by J.C. Ryle
  2. The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards 
  3. Spiritual Depression by Martin Lloyd Jones

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