1. Face to Face by Kenneth Boa

Face to Face is a three month scriptural prayer guide. Each day contains eight sections of prayer:¬†Adoration, Confession, Renewal, Petition, Intercession, Affirmation, Thanksgiving, and Closing Prayer. Each section has Scripture references and short prompts. This is an excellent resource for learning how to pray through the Scriptures and claim God’s specific promises to us.
2. Prayer by Tim Keller

Tim Keller always does a great job of combining Scripture, biography, church history, and personal testimony when he writes. His book entitled, “Prayer”, will inspire you to pray and teach you some practical, pastoral How-T0’s.

3. The Valley of Vision: A Collection Of Puritan Prayers and Devotions by Arthur Bennett

This collection of written prayers collected from various Puritan writings has been organized into biblical categories and themes. It is very helpful to learn from the prayers of other Christians. It has also been an encouragement to me to write out my own prayers. This has helped me many times in the past to focus my mind as I pray as well as be able to go back and see past prayers.



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