I really enjoy Christian rap. I remember being somewhat of a rebel listening to it in my conservative church growing up. While I attended Bob Jones University, a school which I love and support for the top notch biblical training I received and lifelong friends I made, I kept my opinion of Christian rap on the down low. However, I am indebted to particular Christian rappers who have helped me grow in my understanding of doctrine and sanctification. Some Christian rap is simply clean rap, but I want to share with you a few guys that have really blessed my soul and encouraged me in my walk with Christ. Check them out for yourself.


Ronald Johnson (Through Hymn)

Ronald and I got connected via my guitar lesson business. He came to learn some basics on the guitar. I asked him why he wanted to learn and he shared with me that he wanted to use guitar in his raps. I asked what kind of rap he does, and he shared that he does Christian rap. I of course checked out his stuff later that afternoon on the internet. Over the next few weeks we had some great conversations, and he performed one of his songs with the teenagers at our church. Ronald is a great guy to listen to and a dear brother in Christ. He attends St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church (P.C.A.) in Orlando, FL


Shai Linne

If you listen to all of Shai Linne’s albums you will have received a degree in Theology and Church History. His rhymes are thorough, edifying, and instructive. Shai is currently serving in Philadelphia to help launch Risen Christ Fellowship.



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