One of the things I enjoy about Christmas break is the opportunity to get some extra reading done. I wanted to share two great resources on Christian Doctrine. One I was able to read over Christmas break. The other was one I started over a year ago but finally finished earlier this month.

    1. What We Believe by. R.C. Sproul


What We Believe is a great resource that can be read in 2-3 hours and really unpacks ¬†through Biblical observation the Apostle’s Creed. Through reading this, you will be have a greater understanding of the essentials of the Christian faith and how to communicate what you believe to a lost world that desperately needs to believe in the Savior as well.

2. Systematic Theology by John Frame


I am going to be honest. This book is huge (1,000 pages plus)! I began reading this book over a year ago and it took me about a year and a half to complete, but the truths contained in this massive volume are well worth your time. John Frame packed this book with scripture, so even if you are not able to read through the whole thing I recommended keeping it on your shelf as a thorough reference help. If you are struggling through a certain doctrine or need to know what the scriptures say on certain topics, this is a great place to go. Systematic Theology is written from a reformed perspective, but is in no way exclusive. The volume is great place to learn why various denominations believe differently on certain things, but always brings the reader back to the non-negotiable truths of scripture and is quick to highlight what we have in common and how we should serve our Savior graciously together.

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