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Walking With The Giants

by Warren Wiersebe

The greatest joy of being a Pastor is the privilege of bringing God’s Word to His Church week after week. Another great joy that I have found in ministry is the comaradarie with fellow ministers. I have the awareness almost daily of being part of something much larger than myself. This brings great purpose along with great humility and seriousness. I love reading and learning from the ministry of other current pastors, but I also find great joy in learning from the preachers of the past. Walking with the Giants by Warren Wiersbe connected me with many great preachers from the past. Some of those mentioned in the book I was familiar with. Some, I had never been exposed to prior. I was encouraged to hear the stories of these great men of God and to realize that there was nothing special about them. The key to all of their successes was an unfaltering commitment to preach the Word of God and to depend utterly and wholly upon the Spirit of God to do what only God can do. Be encouraged and inspired to give yourself wholly to the Word as you read Walking With The Giants.


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