In his book, “The Conviction to Lead”, Albert Mohler writes,

“Leading by conviction demands an even deeper commitment to reading and the mental disciplines the effective reading establishes. Why? Because conviction requires continual mental activity. The leader is constantly analyzing, considering,¬†defining, and confirming the conviction that will rule his leadership.”1.¬†

Growing up, reading was not a favorite hobby. As soon as school was over, I would run outside and spend hours skateboarding. When I came to Christ at 15 years old, I suddenly had a great desire to read Scripture. This desire was given by the Holy Spirit for sure. As I started reading scripture I had a desire to learn what the Scriptures meant. This led me to my first interaction with disciplined reading. Fast forward six years later when I began serving on staff at my local church, and one of the first gifts given to me by my Senior Pastor was a book on Leadership. This encouraged me to establish a healthy routine of reading even in the busyness of pastoral ministry. Many of the books that I read are concerned with Local Church Ministry, Leadership, and Theology, but the past few years have forced me into new genres, for which I am thankful. I began tutoring with Classical Conversations in 2013 and consequently began reading fiction, history, and science materials. At first, I saw this as a hindrance from my “real” reading, but over time I have become aware of the value of reading widely. Reading fiction has given me a greater appreciation for narrative, descriptive detail, and symbolism. History has helped me see God’s hand in time past and present as the author and sovereign of all things. Science has helped me become more aware of the issues and debates of our current day. Reading has been one of the greatest returns on investment for my time.

What are you reading?

What books have changed your life?

What is your favorite fiction book? history book? science book?

What are the greatest obstacles to consistent reading for you?

What strategy do you have in place to expand your reading?



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